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Introducing my new Pixelmon server titled "Pixel-Poke!" This server runs off the Pixelmon Version 5.1.3 and uses Minecraft 1.10.2! Make sure you have those! Or use the Pixelmon 5.1.3 ModPack off of Technic Launcher or use these links to download the Lastest version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/17k82bb6ec9niyk/Pixelmon+5.1.3.jar or www.technicpack.net/modpack/pixelmon-advancedtm.1067680 Now a brief introduction about the server, the idea was thought of when me and my friend thought having a Pixelmon server at this stage was irrelevant, since Pixelmon had a C&D order from Nintendo/Pokemon Company, but that did not stop us. Servers for Pixelmon, new and old, are here to stay! The Mod itself will no longer be updated. But enough of that, we want you to come explore on our server now, that is right, explore! This server is a Pixelmon Adventure server. You will travel far and wide in the region of Kanto and catch Pokemon, battle Gym Leaders, The Elite Four and so much more! You have a place to EV Train, you have drop parties in Pallet Town, you have wondertrading, and you have Shiny Starters, but wait, that's the kicker. Not just any Shiny Starters, You will be able to select a certain shiny LEGENDARY as your starter! [Limited Time Only!] Please keep in mind that the Gyms on this server are not easy at all. You will need to train a team before hand to make sure you have what it takes to beat them. Their levels are equal to your highest! We also run two different currency's on our server, PokeDollars and Coins, PokeDollars can be used to purchase potions, pokeballs, mail, TMs, and much more. You will start with 5000 PokeDollars once you talk to Steve outside of spawn. Coins are used to purchase various items such as Master Balls, EV Training Power Items, EXP Shares, Evolution Stones, and Shiny Pokemon. You start off with 25,000 coins and can earn more by selling drops found by wild pokemon, so you can make money in no time! We do not have anything other then an Enderchest to store your items, so please use your inventory and EC space wisely. We also have turned off Hunger as we do not see the need for hunger being used in an Adventure server.