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Status Offline
IP Address
Connection Port 25565
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Category Survival
Server Owner DNDev
Votes 40
Favorites 0
Hits this month 9
Country United States US
Servers Website http://developingnationsmc.enjin

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DNMC Stands for "Developing Nations Minecraft," this RPG server focuses on Economy, Community, and Survival, and is a great server to go to if you're looking for a Role-Playing server, or a mature crowd, active owners and nice staff. Our server focuses more on a member friendly community where our members are more of a team. Having a small community like ours makes it an easier option to allow for more updates and events our server may hold. Recent Changes: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* [-] PvP Zone (/warp PVP) [-] Contests for Custom Items, and In-Game Cash rewards. (Always On-Going) [-] Expanded settlement, Amaron. [-] Released a Server Wikia for players, so they can catch up on the latest info. [-] Can Silk Touch Spawners, General Mobs Drop Custom Loot, and many other small changes. [-] Voting is updated to allow for more rewards such as Emeralds, Gold, Gapples, and more! [-] Villager shops in the spawn zone allowing for trade of gold for weapons and armor. [-] Updated Denizen village at /warp gate. [-] ...And more! Developing Nations MC is in Late-Development, at this point we have basics covered with additions for a fun player experience. The server has been polished, but a few changes need to be made until the server has finally reached its set goal, and of course, the server will continue expanding after Development ; ) Check out these links below to help you get involved in our community. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Our Discord Server: ~https://discord.gg/vCtwA3u The DNMC Wiki: ~http://dnmc.wikia.com/wiki/DNMC_Wikia Our Gazette: ~https://dnmcgazette.wordpress.com DNMC Facebook Page: ~https://www.facebook.com/DevelopingNationsMC