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Status Offline
IP Address
Connection Port 25565
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Category Classic
Server Owner chaosservers
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Hits this month 2
Country United States US
Servers Website http://chaosservers.beastnode.ne

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Welcome to ChaosServers, an amazing new Hardcore PvP Server! Currently we have a variety of awesome plugins to make your gameplay experience fantastic. If you are tired of hackers, we have an amazing anti-cheat that will get those hackers OUT of there, whether it's flying or X-Ray. Don't wanna dig for all your stuff? You can /buy it with in-game dollars which you acquire by selling in-game items. This server is an action packed Hardcore PvP server with great staff, great performance, and great ideas! Here's a run down of our plugins. Shop ~~~~ Our shop plugin is an amazing plugin which allows you to buy and sell items ANYWHERE! Simply type /shop buy ID/Name Amount or /shop sell ID/Name Amount and you will get your items/money instantly! You can type /money to check your balance, and pay people money with /money pay You can even gift people items! Anti-Cheat ~~~~ Our flawless Anti-Cheat will keep all those pesky hackers out. Whether it's flying, X-Ray, Jump Hack, or anything in between, we guarantee there will be NONE on our server. Our Anti-Cheat even blocks spammers! You get 3 warnings(kicks) then you are banned for good. BuyCraft ~~~~ A fantastic plugin which allows donating by typing in a few things and hitting "Go" You can go on the web store and easily buy packages which give you cool features! Donate @ http://chaosserversdonate.buycraft.net TreeAssist ~~~~ An awesome plugin for the Supporter package($25) When you break the bottom block of a tree, the whole tree comes down! Cut down jungle trees with ease! This is only a few of our amazing plugins! So what do you do? Simple, Gather Materials. Make a Base. Raid others. You don't have to raid other people, but it's preferred by many. Anarchy is one of the best things about Minecraft. If you stumble across a home, hop in there, TNT the place, take all the items, burn it down. That's what you do. Join the fun @ Server: Port: 25565 You won't regret it.