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factions.hcraid.com:25565 Offline

Status Offline
IP Address factions.hcraid.com
Connection Port 25565
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Category Classic
Server Owner Anonymous
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Hits this month 10
Country United States US
Servers Website http://hcraid.com

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HCRaid Faction Server


HCRaid is a Raid/PVP community made from combining the popular "MCRaid" which was owned by Avengeuiwill and DanSlayerx and the lesser-known PinesMedia Raid community run by House1234. The merge of the two community’s only seemed to have benefits with Avengeuiwill's and Danslayerx's knowledge of running successful Minecraft Servers and House1234's advanced skills in IT. It seemed like the perfect match... and it was!

We now run two successful minecraft servers "HcRaid" and "HCRaid Factions" with another 3 to come out shortly.


The Faction server has a custom generated map with cool biomes and a map size of 5000 blocks.

We encourage people who like the Idea of PVP combat to play on the Faction server since there is less risk of them getting raided but all the excitment of PVP combat.

We have made it so Obsidian can be distroyed with 4+ tnt.

We run custom plugins to stop exploters and on average ban 15 xrayers a day! It's safe to say that we crack down hard on Hackers.

If you think you have what it takes to become "Top Dog" on the Faction server then why not come on and join us!