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IP Address mcmadcraft.com
Connection Port 25565
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Category Classic
Server Owner GamingWithBen
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Country France FR
Servers Website http://www.madcraftserver.com

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MADCraft - Minecraft All Day Worlds & Plugins On our server, We have 2 main worlds, 1 is survival, The other is creative. We offer 2 worlds because we understand basic survival can get boring at times, So we came up with the creative world to make our server enjoyable for everyone. Most of the plugins we use enhance the game so it is better and safer to play. E.g: LWC: This plugin allows players to lock their chests so those pesky griefers cant come along and steal all your things. RegionSelfService: This plugins allows players to buy plots in the main town totally automatically. In these plots, nothing can get griefed, so they are totally safe from the outside world. NoCheatPlus: This plugins stops hackers in their tracks, It stops people from using things like, Fly mod, Spider mod, etc. Economy, And Shops We also use a compilation of plugins which allow us to sell items to players with an in game currency, These plugins are called IConomy and ChestShop. IConomy adds an in game bank for every player who joins, This player can spend the money they have in any way they want, One of these ways are through ChestShop, At our spawn we have a shop, And in that shop we sell basic items like wood, stone, iron, diamond etc, You can use your money you gain from IConomy in these shops. We have also added a plugin called DailyBonus which gives every player $100 of in game money every day they login to our server. PVP & Minigames Have you ever wanted to play Minecraft and Call Of Duty at the same time? Well now you can, We use a plugin which allows players to play a game called Infected, This game is basically the same as the gamemode Infected on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. This game is so much fun and i'm sure you will enjoy playing it. We also have a PVP arena where people can go and battle against each other in a brutal fight to the death, The only rules is, Don't cry when you get killed. Staff & Extra Links On our server, We don't have many staff, But we don't show this in the quality of how we run it. We have 2 Owners who have developed the server from the start, We have configured the plugins to make sure everything is running smoothly and we have also studied players to see what they enjoy the most. We also have Moderators that moderate the server to make sure nothing goes on that isn't suitable for our server. Our server is family friendly and is for all ages, So don't think twice about joining. Website: http://www.madcraftserver.com Bens YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/bendoes