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noip.biz:25565 Offline

Status Offline
IP Address noip.biz
Connection Port 25565
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Category Classic
Server Owner ricktyler8
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Hits this month 7
Country United States US
Servers Website http://tortek.enjin.com/

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Server website: http://tortek.enjin.com/ Come join us at Tortek where we encourage an atmosphere of safe and secure building hosted by a staff of Admins and Mod that share a love for the game. Invite friends and create a town, talk with them over mumble, trade items, or buy supplies from the many spawn shops. Make your own shop and advertise your goods in a public player-run shop at spawn, or set out to prove yourself in Skyblock by completing the many challenges. Cave-dive into the caves world and battle mobs for your survival in the darkness! Supports 4 different biomes (snow, desert, forest/extreme hills, swamp/jungle) to mix up the gameplay. Also, buy multiple homes and set up a team headquarters to gather your forces in the PVP maps. Feel secure building and KEEPING your minecraft builds (no griefing on claimed plots). Questions can be mailed in game to an Admin or Mod by doing /mail send . We\'d be glad to help you or welcome you to the server, just please read the rules (/rules) before asking the staff a question. Game on! Updates: 7/21/13 - We have a new MOD to the server. When you get a chance, say high to steviewonder250! 7/11/13 - Updated to MC version 1.6.2. 7/4/13 - Updated to MC version 1.6.1. You can now buy your horse eggs at spawn! 7/1/13 - Finished setting up Mob Arena and added a couple new classes including a MAGE CLASS with a fireball-throwing sword! 6/18/13 - Added a Paintball Arena to the server. Come show us how much of a sharp-shooter you are ;) Join the queue with /pb join and get others to play! 6/18/13 - Donations are now up on the website and include some awesome in-game perks including fly! 6/11/13 - Set up the new server website!!! 6/10/13 - Installed an in-game notes plugin that can be used in a similar way to Twitter. Also, installed an auction plugin! 5/24/13 - Opened a public mumble server for players to use. Talk it up! 5/23/13 - Skyblock \"infinite death loop\" fixed. Skyblock deaths are safer now :D (not less annoying)! 5/21/13 - Installed 2 lottery game plugins. Start either one by doing /lottery or /mclottery. Try your luck today for a chance to win $$$ or DIAMONDS! 5/19/13 - Do you feel comfortable in the dark? Test your will by cave-diving into our new caves world. Will you survive the darkness?! 5/18/13 - Created a creative world open to the public. 5/17/13 - Installed 2 \"useful\" player plugins: One allows you to sort the items in your containers (i.e. chests, inventory) by double clicking. The