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painpvp.zapto.org:25565 Offline

Status Offline
IP Address painpvp.zapto.org
Connection Port 25565
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Category Classic
Server Owner Kake
Votes 0
Favorites 0
Hits this month 2
Country Norway NO
Servers Website http://serverpainpvp.enjin.com

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Welcome to PainPvP! IP: PainPvp.zapto.org Website: Http://www.serverpainpvp.enjin.com Welcome to PainPvP. Please feel free to post heere with any questions you may have, or even better, join our website/forums and post any questions you may have there! We strive to make a very competitive PVP/Faction community where no one is safe and anyone can be taken out with enough time and thought. Our community is friendly, however we do get the occasional noob, like everywhere so we do ask you be patient please. Staff Our staff are from around the world and are normally on 24 hours a day. We are continuously recruiting members for the staff team as we allways may be short-staffed! Feel free to pop us an application on our forums at: www.serverpainpvp.enjin.com/forums However please bare in mind that not everyone gets accepted, you have to gain staff influence. So yes, that means sucking up haha! Plugins We like to keep the server quite minimal, keeping things simple for you guys. However I\\\'m always open to decent suggestions, just post them on the forums or contact me directly. The main plugins we are currently using are: Factions Essentials Economy SignShops HeadDrops Unfortunately, I like to keep things to trading whereever possible, we have shops, however things can only be bought with donator currency. However if your prices are right, you could find yourself getting very rich! - and possibly able to buy donator status! Donations Our server are working on different Donator packages. Check out the Website for information. If you wish to donate to the server, you can do so directly through our website, using paypal!This will help us keeping the server up, and we will be able to add more player slots. Rules Our server has some rules, however I\\\'d just like to point out that they are very much just common sense, for example being a total douche will easily get you banned, however coming online and joining in with a bit of banter won\\\'t. Just keep a steady eye on what you\\\'re doing! Griefing IS allowed!! Contact Owner: _Kake_ Skype: magnus.johansen1997 Email: magnu1123@hotmail.com (witch is also my paypal e-mail) Website: www.serverpainpvp.enjin.com