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s41.hosthorde.com:25643:25565 Offline

Status Offline
IP Address s41.hosthorde.com:25643
Connection Port 25565
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Category Classic
Server Owner M3DDLER
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Hits this month 7
Servers Website http://medmania.co.uk

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MedMania would like to invite you to come play on our new server and join in on the fun and games. This weekend is Double XP gain for your mcMMO levels MedMania is a group of friends who play a selection of various games. We have recently decided to run our own MineCraft server as we got tired of servers we played on shutting down. Some of us have a vast knowledge of MineCraft and the plugins we use so you will not be joining a server of incapable staff. We have done as much as possible to make the server as user friendly as possible providing players joining read all the signs. We have put a lot of hard work into setting this up so please ensure you utilise all the facitilties and abilites you have at your disposal on our server. We will be hosting many events giving you the chance to win some nice goodies. Here are some of the plugins we are currently using. We will be adding more as time goes by to improve your enjoyment on our server. SimpleClans2 - Jobs - QuickShop - AlphaChest - WorldGuard - CoreProtect - StarGates - LWC - mcMMO - TreeAssist - ReEnder - EXPBottles - ArcaneEnchant - CraftBookCircuits - CraftBookMechanisms - CraftBookVehicles - SignEdit - DisguiseCraft - Emeralds2Levels - MiniGames - PlayerHeads As well as many others. RULES: [1] No Griefing (You will be caught) [2] No spamming chat or foul/abusive language [3] Respect all fellow players and staff [4] Do not ask for staff, op, free stuff or ranks [5] No advertising other servers [6] No using Xray mods or Xray texture packs [7] No using fly mods or hack clients of any kind including Nodus etc [8] No racial or sexist comments or excessive use of caps [9] No flying in events or arenas [10] No building of any sort in The End [11] If you are killed in PVP, Do not ask for you items to be returned. You will be muted or kicked if caught asking even in private chat [12] No /tp killing or killing in a players home (Clan bases do not count). Anyone caught breeching these rules will either be muted, jailed, executed, temp banned or perma banned If you are Perma banned and wish to appeal, you can do so by clicking the link below. http://medmania.co.uk/forum/m/14109811/viewforum/2693498 Our server IP is: mc.medmania.co.uk or also try s41.hostehorde.com:25643 Our Website address is: www.medmania.co.uk Our TeamSpeak info is: TS.MEDMANIA.CO.UK