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tokyoghoulonline.fluctis.com:25565 Offline

Status Offline
IP Address tokyoghoulonline.fluctis.com
Connection Port 25565
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Category roleplay
Server Owner Oh Sangwoo
Votes 16
Favorites 0
Hits this month 76
Country Turkey TR
Servers Website http://tokyoghoulonline.enjin.co

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Tokyo Ghoul Online RP-PVP Anime Server. Welcome to Tokyo Ghoul Online. In this server, created with our hardwork and creative imagination; you will find yourself surrounded by the Tokyo Ghoul world and everything it brings. In this server, you can be like your favorite characters from the popular anime show Tokyo Ghoul, have Kagune's like Kaneki and Touka, and fight your friends and enemies who might be Ghouls or Investigators who wield deadly Quinque's. You will meet characters from the anime such as Kaneki, Touka, Uta, Juuzou and others, and be able to interact with them, fight with them or fight against them. We have 3D Modeled weapons and objects to add immersiveness to the gameplay, and create an amazing atmosphere that will pull you into the depths of the anime. You will be able to fight your friends, rank up and upgrade your abilities. You will be able to be a Hybrid Ghoul like Hinami and have multiple Kagune types, and you will be able to add special traits to your Kagune such as detachment, shapeshifting or elemental affinities; and those are all done without having to pay! You will decide your powers and weaknesses, without having to spend money for the server. If you are an investigator, you will be able to collect Quinque's without having to buy them with real money, upgrade them and turn them into Chimera Quinque's or add gimmicks with amazing abilities! You can even gain Arata armor, or maybe you'll be a Sunlit Garden Trainee and be on the level of the CCG's Reaper! Server now open! Website: http://tokyoghoulonline.enjin.com/home